The Scientific Way Of Riding

Our mission

A better world for horse & rider.
Thanks to our knowledge of animal physiotherapy, anatomy and horse riding, we are able to build bridges between science and equestrianism.

In doing so we achieve a harmonious and respectful co-operation between rider and horse, on all levels ranging from recreational to professional competitive sport. Our mission is beautiful and harmonious horse riding and an ethical approach to the sport.

Our vision

The knowledge of riding is hidden in the horse, we want to find that treasure with you.

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What do we offer?

To achieve harmonious co-operation knowledge of anatomy, kinematics and horse riding are required. As experienced animal physiotherapists and top equestrians we build bridges between these areas of expertise. This knowledge is combined in the Riders Education. In our innovative learning system and casual learning environment we will guide you through the process step by step. You will systematically learn the “how, what and why” of all exercises and gaits with their scientific and theoretical substantiation. This knowledge is backed by IPOS Rein Sensors that give the rider real-life feedback on his or her aids.

What separates us
from other courses?

Our two year, modular rider education is suited for every rider of every Icelandic horse that wants to develop him- or herself through solid education! The Riders Education is not a professional education, c.q. trainer's or instructor's education. Every course group consists of a mix of riders with different levels of ambition to stimulate co-operation and a mutual learning process.

Two year basic Riders Education

Riders Education

The basic Riders Education consists of 4 modules spread over 2 years. Two modules per year.

  • Training on every riding skill level based on the horse's mobility
  • Combination of theory and practice
  • Every module consist of 5 training days with a group of 12 students
  • Suitable for Icelandic horse riders with their own horses
  • Two teachers, Guy & Yoni Blom and assistant trainer Pieter de Gouw
  • 3 locations in the Netherlands

Module content

  • Module I
    Groundwork and basic techniques
  • Module II
    Biomechanics, bridle and gaits
  • Module III
    In-depth follow-up basic techniques, health assessment
  • Module IV
    In-depth basic riding techniques, tacking up, using accessories, final exam.


Yoni Blom

Founder, teacher

Professional trainer dressage and Icelandic horses. Multiple World Junior Champion Icelandic horses.

Human and Equine physiotherapist. Teacher of Sports Massage for the Healthy Horse and assistant teacher of Animal Physiotherapy at the Course Center for Animal Care Barneveld (CBD). Teacher at the education for Revalidation Trainers at Freestyle Academy.

Guy Blom

Founder, teacher

Human and Equine physiotherapist. Fellow founder of animal physiotherapy in the Netherlands. Fellow founder of the education Sports Massage for Healthy horses, practical trainer for equine chiropractitioners education (FES). Fellow founder and teacher of Animal Physiotherapy at the CDB.

Pieter de Gouw

Trainer, business partner Blom Riders Education

Trainer and rider of Icelandic horses. Animal scientist, adaptation physiologist.

Inge Derhaag

Health scientist, lawyer, business partner Blom Riders Education

Bart Smetsers

Finance, business partner Blom Riders Education